The Oral History Project

It’s not every day that you can hear from past Jewish movers and shakers that have had a tremendous impact on the Jewish community. At DJHS, we make that thought a reality. Featuring more than 400 interviews in a variety of formats, we bring you history from those who have paved the way and shared some of the greatest words and experiences.

Since 1971, as part of our ongoing mission to tell the story of the Dallas Jewish community, we have captured nearly 800 oral histories, and we continue to digitally video tape interviews with members of the Dallas Jewish community from all walks of life, preserving life’s lessons and important events for future generations.  We not only have an active Oral History committee, but are committed to expanding our scope.  Our Oral History participants serve as a collective memory, communicating to the community the values and history of different generations and giving us a distinctive sense of place and time.

Don’t miss out on this great resource – take a listen to those whose incredible stories celebrate our history, our diversity, and their wealth of dedication to making our community a better place. Browse the entire DJHS Oral History Project collection to see full interviews with both Natives and Newcomers to the Dallas Jewish community.

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